About Us

A home is one of the larger investments you will make in your life. It is your dream, imagined, designed, built and lived in. Welcome to your dream. Welcome home to KDC Built, bringing your dreams to fruition.

KDC Built brings more than 25 years of combined building experience to the drawing board. We bring other important ingredients as well: A passion for and enjoyment of working with clients to build their dream homes and making the process as much fun for them as it is for us. In the process, we promise to build each client a home that will fit their lifestyle and personality and become a value investment for the future. The majority of KDC Built homes are built with families with children in mind, many who are making a move to their second or third home. We can design your home from our own plans, or from scratch, as each client directs us.

Imagine your home with spacious open areas, utilitarian built-ins, designer kitchens and baths with granite countertops. Picture lots of windows that let in the light, and covered decks and roomy yards where children and pets can play. KDC Built homes are Energy Star® rated. This means that clients save money on energy and protect the environment.

Founders Mike Inman and Chris Davis orchestrate the building process from start to finish. They keep the lines of communication open at all times and truly listen to what their customers have to say. They work with trade partners who are as passionate about building as they are and who represent the finest in their respective fields.

At KDC Built, we pride ourselves on the design, detail, quality and cleanliness of our homes and the exceptional neighborhoods in which they are built. We judge our success by how happy our homeown

Mike Inman, CFO

Strength – details, timelines and spreadsheets
Skill set – Mike can see the small steps that make the big picture happen.  He has the important skill set of moving a project forward within a time frame.  KDC Built gets things done because of Mike being the task master.  The client has Mike to thank for on-time delivery.
Job description – To make sure things get done on time and under budget.  Mike also handles the financials.  Thank you Mike.
Nonprofit of choice – Bikes for Kids
When I’m not working I’m …playing racquetball or cycling depending on the weather.  I also love hanging out with my family and playing sports with my son and daughter.


Chris Davis, President of Field Operations

Strengths – Keeping Client top of mind.
Skill Set –  Chris has an extensive back ground in commercial and residential work.  His vast knowledge helps ensure that the client gets the best possible outcome.
Job Description – Chris is the one doing the work.  Mike may be the heart, but Chris is the hands of KDC Built.  Chris gets his boots dirty and oversees the work in the fields.  He’s the one that gets the product built.
Non profit of choice – Cornerstone Orphanage, Nigeria
When I’m not working – Well, I love to work.  So when I’m not working, I’m thinking about work.  I also love to get outside to play with my daughter.  I also follow Iowa State sports, because my son’s in the marching band!

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